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The OFS collection of fibers for short pulse lasers are used in various Erbium, Ytterbium and Thulium based femtosecond fiber lasers. The Polarization Maintaining Dispersion Compensating Fiber provides compensation of not only dispersion, but also dispersion slope of standard PM fiber (e.g. TruePhase® 1550). The Normal Dispersive Fiber for 2000 nm is intended for dispersion management in short pulse fiber lasers working around 2000 nm. Our Stretcher Module is a fully fiber-based module for stretching femtosecond pulses in chirped pulse amplifiers. The Stretcher Module features dispersion properties that match second, third and fourth order dispersion of free-space optical diffraction gratings. You will find it available for the 1000 nm and 1550 nm wavelength range. The PM-stretcher fiber is intended for stretching femtosecond pulses in all PM chirped pulse amplifiers working in the 1000 nm range.
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Item #

Item Name

Proof Test Level

Effective Area

N/A Stretcher Module N/A N/A
N/A Normal Dispersion Optical Fiber for 2000 nm N/A 1 % N/A @ 2000 nm, 25 µm²
N/A Polarization-Maintaining Dispersion Compensating Optical Fiber N/A 0.5 % N/A @ 1550 nm, 20 typical µm²
N/A Polarization-Maintaining Stretcher Optical Fiber N/A 0.5 % N/A @ 1030 nm, 7 µm²@ 1060 nm, 8 µm²
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