The SC Connector is an easily field mountable connector that is designed to mount on 900 micron buffered fibre, 1.6 mm jacketed cable and 3.0 mm jacketed cable. Jumper connector is also available with a reduced length cable support. It can be mounted on bare fibre but it is recommended that the fibre be buffered first using the D181755 kit or equivalent. The connector utilizes a zirconia ferrule for fibre alignment; and push-pull hardware for installation into the adapter. It can be used in high density applications and not be affected by axial cable loads. The cable is crimped to the outer hardware and therefore prevents momentary disconnect when axial load is placed on the cable. The 1032B5 Tool Kit contains all the tools and instructions needed to mount SC Connectors. The new MiniTool kit is available for mounting the connectors using the EZ method.

  • Snap-in connector design
  • Rugged and adaptable compared to other connectors
  • Stable performance
  • Pull-proof design
  • Tunable
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