Custom modules to meet your specialty network applications

Product Description

Splitter and Wave Division Multiplexer (WDM) modules are critical network components that compliment the LGX® frame management system. Modules provide operators a multitude of test access methods for bit error analysis or OTDR test entry. WDM modules create a migration path for traditional single band networks by allowing fibre to move to a dual band system without infrastructure build. Combine a 1310 nm with a 1550 nm system onto single fibres through the use of OFS WDM modules.

Features and Benefits


  • Cost effective solutions
  • Diverse range of split ratios
  • Fits standard 7-inch LGX® shelves
  • Maximizes shelf space
  • Can be used on FTTH applications
  • Ease of customization •Attenuator capable
  • Flexible interface design (change connector interface as needed)
  • Qualified to GR1209 and GR1221



The primary applications for splitter and Wave Division Multiplexer modules include:

  • Test Access (BER and OTDR)
  • Demarcation test point between customer systems and network systems
  • Network migration: combine 1310 nm a

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