A Unique Combination of Robust Performance and Flexibility for FTTX Applications

The Ruggedized PLC Splitter offerings by OFS provide a truly flexible solution that addresses the needs of today's FTTX networks. Combining the optical splitter expertise of Furukawa Electric Company with the connectivity and packaging capabilities of OFS, the three options of packaged, ruggedized and direct connect splitters offer superior optical performance in a flexible, yet easy-to-manage package. The use of these splitters allows for rapid installation into traditional cabinets and closure splice trays.
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Features and Benefits


  • The Ruggedized PLC Splitter maximizes closure tray utilization
    • More splitters per tray
    • Fibres are color coated per standard color scheme
  • Modular approach provides cost effective incremental growth
    • Improves and simplifies fibre routing
  • Solution-based engineering support to meet all FTTX networking requirements
    • Offer unique designs and configurations
    • Customer specific application engineering
  • The Packaged PLC Splitter provides a splitter that fits into the splice tray mass fusion organizer and can be used in either closures or cabinets. The single fibre end is a connectorized 900 µm fibre and the ribbon ends are transitioned to 900 µm fibre.
  • Universal solution ?Simplified stocking/replacement inventory

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