The Angled LC Splitter Modules, used to house and protect single or multiple optical components and fibre leads, provides an LGX® fibre optic distributing system-compatible format to split or couple broadband laser signals within the central office or head-end. These vertically oriented modules plug into standard LGX® shelves, enabling incremental application growth and multiple networking options. The module has front-access simplex Angled LC adapters. The number of adapters depends on the split ratio required.
Unit of Measure

Features and Benefits



  • Small Form Factor (SFF) connector is half the size of standard connectors
  • Superior insertion and return loss performance
  • Unique one piece design
  • Anti-snag latch for jumper
  • Pull-proof for jumper
  • Simple RJ45 type connector makes audible click when inserted


  • Doubles density
  • Helps ensure higher level of network performance
  • Improves side load performance
  • Disengages easily in dense spaces
  • Maintains optical contact
  • Helps minimize transmission problems
  • Offers superior return loss performance



The primary applications for the Angled LC family include:

  • CATV
  • FTTX
  • DWDM

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