OFS MPO fanouts provide dependable, high-quality transitions from ribbon fibres or cables to individual fiber connection ports. MPO fanouts are available with up to 12 fibres featuring FC, SC, ST and LC connectors. These fanouts offer low insertion loss and reflectance, and are available in both ruggedized and bare ribbon formats.
Unit of Measure

Features and Benefits


  • Ultra-small and durable fibres, ideal for a variety of installation environments:
  • Reliable high-density, high-performance interconnections
    • Increases fibre density on fibre shelves and faceplates
    • Improves and simplifies fibre routing
    • Decreases fibre management space
  • Telcordia GR-1435-CORE tested
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-604-5-199 FOCIS 5 compliant
  • Quick and easy connection with push-on/pull-off latching mechanism
  • Low insertion loss and reflectance
  • High-speed application support
  • Solution-based engineering support to meet all fibre routing requirements
    • ?Assistance for unique designs and configurations
  • OEM solutions for special applications



Reliable high-density interconnections for:

  • Equipment Interconnections
  • Telecommunications networks
  • Broadband/CATV networks
  • Data communications networks, including high-bandwidth equipment
  • Interconn

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