Product Description

The Multi-Fibre Push-On (MPO) to Single Fibre Optical Fanout Module provides a innovative plug and play solution to the needs of today’s FTTX, Telecom, and Datacom networks. The MPO Fanout Module offers excellent performance in a flexible and easy-to-manage package for multiple applications.

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Features and Benefits


  • Provides up to 5 times lower bending loss than CSMF fanouts or patchcords
  • Delivers great performance and ease-of-management in cabinets or other patch panel systems
  • OFS' AllWave FLEX Fibre complies with ITU G.652D specifications
  • Modular approach provides cost effective incremental growth:
    • Improves and simplifies fibre routing
  • MPO Fanout Modules are Telcordia GR-1221-CORE, GR-1209-CORE tested:
    • Support industry standard applications
  • Low insertion loss and reflectance:
    • Support high-speed applications
    • Support longer link lengths
  • Solution-based engineering support helps meet all FTTX networking requirements:
    • Unique designs and configurations available
    • Customer specific application engineering
  • Universal solution:
    • Simplified stocking/replacement inventory



  • FTTX, hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC), MDU, closet & rack systems, and optical access networks
  • MPO modules in Outside Plant Cabinets
  • Broadband CATV networks

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