Offering A High-Density Adapter Solution!

Product Description

Today's optical designs demand innovative solutions. The OFS ganged adapter system is a unique high-density product that allows for standard port cutouts that deliver density in a flexible design. The ganged adapter is available in multimode, single-mode, and angled connector types. This high-performance system is available in LC, SC, and ST optical connector formats, all within the same face-plate cutout.

Value Statement

Use OFS ganged adapters to simplify your fibre management systems. The standard footprint allows for a common face-plate cutout, while accommodating various connector formats. The connector spacing allows for improved density and fibre management designs when density is an issue.
Unit of Measure

Features and Benefits



  • LC 12 ports per adapter
  • SC & ST 6 ports per adapter
  • ˜ 0.78 in. wide x 3 in. long x 1.3 in. deep
  • ˜ 19.8 mm wide x 76.2 mm long x 33 mm deep
  • Built-in dust covers (removable)
  • Simplification of product offerings
  • Available in multiple connector types (LC, SC, ST)
  • Split adapter structure


  • Rapid field installation
  • Excellent for high-density face-plate applications
  • Reduces number of face-plate patterns
  • Simplifies the number of product offerings in frame management hardware
  • Services Single-mode, multimode or angled connector products
  • Built-in dust cover protects front connections
  • Allows mix of adapter types within a ganged adapter
  • Facilitates cleaning connectors with a unique split adapter structure

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