A Smart and Easy Way to Store Your Cable Assemblies

Product Description

One of the best ways to save time and money is to manage your cable resources effectively. The LC Parking Cap is a unique and innovative design that provides more than just a dust cap for your SFP cage. It allows for pre-engineering and installation of cable assemblies into equipment bays. These unique caps act as a dedicated place to "park" your fibre optic assemblies. Whether you plan to install the parking cap in the empty SFP cage in advance, or use it when installing the packs in the field, the LC parking cap is a smart and easy way to store your cable assemblies until you are ready to upgrade your systems at a later date.
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Features and Benefits


  • Can be installed into the SFP - ship unused SFP cages with parking caps for use as a dust cap
  • Park connectors for future use
  • Allows for easy pre-engineering of cable assemblies
  • Install all of the cable assemblies at one time
  • Replace the parking cap with live SFP as needed
  • Simplifies installation and Solves future cable routing issues
  • Reduces line card turn up time
  • Fits with either a stand-alone or ganged SFP
  • Environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant
  • Available in a shielded version to minimize EMI


N/A The OFS LC Parking Cap provides an easy solution for situations where all of the SFP's in a system are not in use. The parking cap provides a place to "Park" cable assemblies until a new live SFP is installed. This allows for ease of installation, less cl

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