For multi-kW power levels, beam combining has become the method of choice to reach higher powers as needed. This modular approach offers many benefits in terms of building, spare provisioning, and future upgrades. OFS’ TrueM2 Fiber Laser Beam Combiners provide a practical means of scaling with only a few simple splices. OFS’ TrueM2 Fiber Laser Beam Combiners offer two ways to reach multi-kW power levels: You can build with matching TrueMode Fiber Laser Cavities from OFS, or combine your existing fiber lasers with matching output. All TrueMode Fiber Laser Cavity building blocks can be equipped with a single-mode output fiber, ready for direct coupling to a matching TrueM2 Fiber Laser Beam Combiner. This truly single-mode operation helps ensure a low loss connection which reduces instabilities and feedback effects.

Unit of Measure
TrueM2 Beam Combiner

TrueM2™-14 4x1 Beam Combiner

TrueM2 Beam Combiner

TrueM2™-14 6x1 Beam Combiner
Optical Power Rating N/A ≤4 kW N/A ≤6 kW
Transmission Performance N/A >97 %
Number of Inputs N/A 4 N/A 6
Nominal Mode Field Diameter N/A 14 µm
Cladding Diameter N/A 200 µm
Maximum Input Power per Port N/A 1100 W
Fibre Types N/A 50/360 µm N/A 100/360 µm
Numerical Aperture N/A 0.20
Beam Parameter Product N/A 2-3 mm-mrad N/A 3-4 mm-mrad
Integrated Thermal Monitors N/A 10-Pin Connector
Transport and Storage Temperature (<95% RH Non-Condensing) N/A -20 to 60 ºC
Approximate Dimensions N/A 300 x 150 x 15 mm
Acceptance N/A
Order By Item # N/A 7000300 N/A 7000390