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OFS has developed several rare earth doped fibres, each designed for a different type of fibre laser. Ytterbium and Thulium doped fibres have photosensitive cladding.

Unit of Measure

Optical Properties


N/A Other Doped Fibres

Peak Absorption

N/A @ 790 nm, 200 dB/m

Mode Field Diameter

N/A @ 1700 nm, 5.0 µm

Cladding Diameter

N/A 125 µm

PM or SM


Cutoff Wavelength

N/A 1350 nm

Coating Diameter

N/A 245 µm

Typical Applications

N/A DFB and DBR Lasers Fibre Lasers and Polarization-Maintaining Amplifiers


Numerical Aperture

N/A 0.26

N/A Coils Colored or Natural Buffers Custom Designs

Mechanical and Testing Data

Proof Test Level

N/A 2% 200 kpsi

Ordering Information

+45 43 45 8888
Priorparken 680, DK-2605
Broendby, Denmark

Order By Item #

N/A 40910