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Free space communications, LIDAR, Micro-machining and Femtosecond chirped pulse amplification.

• All-fiber design
• 50 µm core diameter
• Diffraction limited output
• PM and non-PM versions available
• >100W output power
• 1 ns pulses amplified to 100 µJ, 100kW peak power
Unit of Measure


Core Diameter

N/A 50 µm


N/A ~ 1100 µm2

Er abs

N/A ~ 50 dB/m

Seed laser input pigtail

N/A PM-SMF (PM version) or SMF (non-PM version), length 2 m;
125 mm OD; 250 mm OD buffer; Dual-coat acrylate

Pump laser input pigtail

N/A SMF; length 2m;
125 mm OD;
250 mm OD buffer; Dual-coat acrylate

Polarization Extinction Ratio (min)

N/A > 15 dB at max. power (PM version only) dB

Operating Wavelength(s)

N/A 1545 to 1575 nm

Output average power

N/A > 20 W using 50 W, 1480 nm Raman fiber laser pump
> 40 W using 100 W, 1480 nm Raman fiber laser pump

Peak Power

N/A up to 100 kW in a 1 ns pulse

Beam Quality (M2)

N/A Typical: < 1.2
< 1.3 at maximum power

Output Beam

N/A Free space, diverging beam

Pump Laser Required

N/A 1480 nm Raman fiber laser


N/A Air or water cooled cold plate

Operating Temperature

N/A Room temperature ºC